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Our PTG escorted rail tours from the UK allow you to view some of the world’s most beautiful destinations from a different perspective – see our European Tours and Rest of the World Tours.

By traversing along historic tracks in remarkably well-preserved vintage trains, you can experience a country and its unique sights in an extraordinary way. With a distinct focus on historical and natural wonders, our tour itineraries seek to encompass the essence of each city that we pass through, stopping for moments of complete cultural immersion at every platform.

Accompanied by a trusted Tour Manager from the very beginning to the end of your trip, you can transcend beyond the tourist traps with their local insight and passion for all things train and travel related. With over 20 years of guided tour experience, we can promise incredible tailored itineraries, intimate group sizes and breathtaking journeys along scenic railways. We pride ourselves on providing the utmost in comfort and relaxation, from well-appointed accommodation and exclusive dining, on and off the tracks.

You will discover that our escorted rail tour packages encompass a variety of Tour Styles, ensuring that there is something for all tastes. Those with a sense of adventure and a taste for the finer things in life will revel in the magnificence of our Grand Tour, while our Enthusiast Tour is designed with the fanatics of train travel in mind. Our Classic Tour caters to anyone looking for an exceptional overview of Europe and our In Style Tour guarantees that luxurious touch.

All travel, excursions and meals outlined in the itineraries are included unless they are shown as an option. At PTG, we also aim to provide stays at excellent hotels (usually of a three or four star-standard), and these will vary depending on the type of the tour. We strive to give you, the traveller, an option to personalise your tour and offer you the choices of how and where you want to travel. On our tours, you can enjoy the full package from the UK by rail or air or at a reduced price (tour only) where you are able to make your own arrangements. Along with guided activities and an abundance of wonderful sightseeing opportunities that take you off the beaten track, our escorted rail holidays are truly unforgettable.

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USA-Alaska-Mendenhall Glacier Viewpoint

5 Reasons Visiting Alaska Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List

Article by Katlyn Turner

Alaska consistently tops lists of the most beautiful states in America. Therefore, it’s no wonder that 1.8 million tourists visit the state every year. It provides some of the best views, most unique wildlife, and the most delicious food in the United States. However, that’s just the beginning. Alaska has so much more to offer. Check out these five reasons why the natural wonders of Alaska need to be added to your bucket list.

The Northern Lights

You will never find anything more beautiful than the Northern Lights. Although the Northern Lights occur year-round, summer’s constant daylight makes them impossible to see. However, the Earth’s tilt generates long-hours of darkness in Alaska during the winter and allows you to see the most amazing sights in the entire world. There’s absolutely nothing like the thrill of seeing the aurora borealis light up the sky and simply taking all of the colours in. The best place to see the Northern Lights in Alaska is Fairbanks, since its right under the aurora oval where auroras are more commonly seen.

Alaska Is One of the Only Places to See Real Glaciers

Alaska has about 100,000 glaciers across the state just waiting for you to explore. It’s actually one of the few places in the entire world where you can also have immediate access to a glacier. These icy figures are extremely beautiful and will simply wow your entire travel group. They’re also constantly in a state of movement which

Alaska Has No Sales Tax So You Can Shop ’til You Drop

Most people think that Alaska is all about the great outdoors; however, the state also has some amazing shopping opportunities for those of us that like to shop ’til you drop. Since Alaska has one of the lowest tax burdens in the United States and no sales tax, the state’s malls are full of eager shoppers. Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall is the area’s most premier shopping destination followed by the Dimond Center and Tikahtnu Commons. These shopping centres are absolutely massive and allow you to find all the souvenirs you need to impress your friends or brag to your coworkers. Some of the best things to hunt for while you’re shopping include beautiful native Alaskan art, ulu knives, wine, and beer, or Alaskan jade.

The Beautiful Wildlife

Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world. Kodiak, Alaska’s largest island is home to the world’s largest bear species – the Kodiak Brown bear. Haines, Alaska also has the world’s greatest concentration of bald eagles and other popular wildlife species include caribou, moose, and grizzly bears. If you’re a fan of marine life you can also head to Kenai Fjords National Park for a chance to watch the whales migrate in fall, take an ice fishing trip, or catch Salmon swimming upstream.

An Escape from the City

Alaska is a place where you can truly explore the world’s greatest scenes. Known as “The Last Frontier”, the state has some of the best scenic views that give you everything from wildlife and mountains to oceans and greenery. However, the best thing about Alaska is how remote it is. There aren’t a lot of people which allows you to really enjoy the state without traffic, noise, or city life. There are even areas around the state where you won’t get service, allowing you to really disconnect from everyday life and relax on your trip.

If you’re looking for a place that’s absolutely beautiful and relaxing, yet still has the thrill of an adventure, then Alaska is the place for you. Be sure to add the state to your bucket list and visit in 2019.