If you think Belgium is all about waffles and EU bureaucracy, then it’s frothing beer, medieval steeples and simmering cultural mix will be a pleasant wake-up call.

There is much more to Belgium, a veritable hotbed of diversity comprised of three distinct regions that speak Dutch, French and German. Studded with some of the finest examples of Flemish, Baroque and Gothic architecture, Belgium is also a thriving art and cultural hub in Europe. It’s a technical marvel too, with the country being bound together by an incredibly dense road and rail network.

Continental Europe’s first steam train, Le Belge, was manufactured in the country in 1835 – giving birth to a perpetual enthusiasm for these spectacular engines. At PTG Tours, join us as we experience this marvellous technology by taking a magical trip through the Bruges area by steam train, canal boat, vintage tram, preserved bus, coach and more on our ‘Classic Bruges in Steam’ tour.