Intrepid travellers, city slickers and culture buffs have started to appreciate Bulgaria where beauty, culture, history, fun and relaxation intersect and co-exist.

With landscapes virtually unspoiled by the perils of industry, and cities brimming with vibrancy and life, Bulgaria is best experienced in a curated format. Hop on our ‘Classic Bulgaria’ tour as we journey through the central region and visit some of the best cultural sites – ancient monasteries, UNESCO-listed Thracian tombs, and Plovdiv the European Capital of Culture in 2009, to name but a few. The experience is first-class too, as you have opportunities to dive into the country’s creamy yoghurt (Bulgaria is said to be the country that introduced yoghurt to the world) and underrated local wine.

The ‘Rail Wonders of the Balkans’ is another tour that not only takes in Bulgaria but Serbia and North Macedonia too – allowing you to visit a variety of the region’s many distinct cities and charming towns.