With its three national parks and the stunning Lake Ohrid, Macedonia’s calming views fit with its image as one of former Yugoslavia’s most peaceful states.

The country was the birthplace of Mother Teresa and, allegedly, Alexander the Great. Despite its bickering with Greece over its history and the usage of the name ‘Macedonia’, the geographical space now known today as ‘North Macedonia’ has a story that spans across the ages. The Kingdom of Macedon goes back to 800 BC and its capital, Skopje, is thought to be even older – dating back thousands of years.

Despite its current peaceful nature, the city’s volatile past has led to its destruction and resurrection many times throughout history, but thankfully numerous notable landmarks still remain. And, with PTG, you can experience some of these sights as we tour Skopje on our ‘Rail Wonders of the Balkans’ package. Our tour ventures to the house of Mother Teresa, the Old Bazaar and the city’s central square – the location of the magnificent, controversial and gigantic ‘Warrior on a Horse’ statue, believed to depict Alexander the Great.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Macedonia