But the charm of Portugal goes far beyond the pleasant weather, relaxed atmosphere and plentiful beaches – it’s also home to wondrous architecture, exquisite cuisine, fine wine and welcoming people.

This is enough to attract an average of 35,000 tourists a day – a number, which is double that of 20 years ago. Yet far from being a ‘tourist trap’, this small country offers varied experiences. Lisbon, Faro and Oporto are the three major cities, and each has its own unique vibe and aesthetic to ensure that not one day in Portugal has to be the same.

With PTG Tours, every day of your trip most definitely won’t be the same. We offer six popular tours that are spread across Portugal’s fascinating landscape. The slow-paced ‘Railway Ramble – The Corgo Line’ tour sees you journey along the magical Corgo metre gauge line, while ‘Vintage Central Portugal’ takes in the sights of the Beiras region. For the wine connoisseurs, ‘The Douro: Rail, River and Wine’ and ‘Vintage Port 41’ tours are sure to impress, and those wanting to gaze at Portugal’s highlights from the waters can go on ‘A Royal Douro Cruise’ voyage across the Douro River. History and culture enthusiasts will also be highly appeased with the ‘Historic Wonders of Iberia’ tour, encompassing both Spain and Portugal.