For those that like life to run at a slower pace, and want to appreciate every moment, Serbia is the perfect antidote to a fast-moving world.

Due to its landlocked position, many people have overlooked Serbia in favour of coastal views. In doing so, they’re missing out on a real hidden gem. The gorgeous forests and sweeping mountains make Serbia an outstanding masterpiece, providing you with postcard imagery wherever you look. But breathtaking vistas are not the only element that makes Serbia so special. It’s also the fascinating medieval castles, the impressive architecture in the cities and a rich history that comes from being ruled by the Roman and Ottoman Empires, as well Belgrade, the former Yugoslavia, and Serbia’s capital.

Serbia truly has something for everyone – sights, history, culture and even intrigue. This is, after all, the home of the vampire – a folklore that continues to enthral the world to this day. You’ll also find the mystical mountain pyramid of Rtanj – an incredible natural wonder that continues to puzzles scientists and intrigues alternative thinkers. At PTG Tours, we welcome you to join us on two tours that journey through scenic Serbia and historic Belgrade – the ‘Rail Wonders of the Balkans’ tour, and the ‘Classic Montenegro and Serbia’ tour.