Featuring four different nations with histories that run parallel to one another, yet have ended up with separate cultures and identities, the UK’s regions serve as individual treasure troves for history and culture connoisseurs.

England is a proud country comprised of two distinctive cultural areas – the north and the south. In the north, you’ll discover many fascinating museums and histories surrounding working-class industries, whereas in the south there is an abundance of idyllic villages and opulent architecture. Scotland, meanwhile, is also split in two with the south being home to most of the country’s populace, whereas the north has the Highlands – a verdant, craggy region responsible for Scotland winning the ‘world’s most beautiful country’ awards.

Northern Ireland is teeming with rural areas, countryside scenes and charming towns, whereas Wales is a beautiful country full of magnificent locations and historical significance. At PTG Tours, you can experience Wales through ‘The Steam Railways of Snowdonia – in Style’ tour. We explore the Welsh narrow gauge railways, venturing up to the mighty Snowdon Mountain. ‘A Taste of Scotland in Style’ sees us journey through the south to the West Highlands and back – including a steam train trip on the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct from the Harry Potter films. Lastly, our ‘South West England in Style’ tour visits historic locations, National Trust properties and even Agatha Christie’s dining room in Devon, where you can enjoy an evening meal.