Clearly Hungary – A Branch Line Farewell

2 to 9 October

There are strong rumours in the rail industry that the Hungarian government wishes to close many branch lines after local elections in October 2019. A list has been circulated in the press.

Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the list we have seen, nor that all the lines really will be closed in 2019, this tour was designed to cover all those branch lines in Hungary that are on that certain list and which PTG Tours hasn’t visited in the past years. 

The tour will be hauled on all 6 days with full restaurant service as on past tours. Regular hotels will be used and bus transfers will be provided where needed (Tapolca, Pécs, Miskolc and Szeged). The selection of locomotives is somewhat restricted by axle-load constraints on many of the branch lines.

The route has already been confirmed by MÁV as not to clash with any MoW works and as passable by the selected locos. In fact, we originally intended to use different lines to get from Miskolc to Szeged but had to change plans due to a blockade on the Mezőtúr-Szarvas line.

Paths have not yet been requested and will only be requested if the number of bookings or at least firm interest clearly show that the tour will attract enough passengers to reach the breakeven point. We will run this tour if the number of passengers reach 45. The more people book this tour above that number, the cheaper we can offer it.

Based on the paths granted, we can include visits to depots or other facilities mentioned in the programme as long as departure and arrival times are not out of the ordinary.

Use of the requested locomotives can not be guaranteed and will depend on availability on the day. We will make all efforts to secure the locos at an early stage if enough interest is shown.

Please note that the train will consist of an ex-ÖBB type Schlieren car, a restaurant car and the staff car with a table in the middle to seat 6 to 8 people. While the latter two have their individual heating, the open car does not. Passengers may use the restaurant car also for travelling, not just for dining, in order to keep warm. The restaurant car has 56 seats with 2+2 seating.

For die hard track people we have requested that there will be cab rides available at some of the location so you can literally “kiss the buffer stops”.


Tour Manager: Ferenc

Itinerary – Updated 13th February

2 October 2019

Arrival to Budapest, the capital of Hungary along the Blue Danube. Treat yourself to an all you can eat meal and music night on board a river boat or ride the elaborate tram network in town. Attention, the metro line M3 will is closed betweeb Kőbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad tér, it is best to take bus 100E from the airport to Deák tér downtown or take bus 200E from the airport to Ferihegy or Kőbánya-Kispest for a train ride to Nyugati station. By alighting at Zugló, you can access Keleti station with any bus heading downtown in 3 to 5 minutes.


3 October 2019

MÁV V63 (now Class 630) Budapest-Keleti – Kelenföld – Tatabánya – Győr – Győr GYSEV – Csorna

MÁV M43 1201 (now 438 201) Csorna – Pápa – Celldömölk yards – Celldömölk – Szombathely

MÁV M43 1202 (now 438 202) Szombathely – Zalaegerszeg – Rédics – Zalaegerszeg – Zalaszentiván 

MÁV M47.12/M47.13 (now Class 478) Zalaszentiván – Ukk – Tapolca 

– covering endangered lines Csorna-Pápa and Zalaegerszeg-Rédics

– depending on timing, visit Szombathely depot and works

– use of both rebuilt Class M43 locos

– use of rare V63 loco

– diesel under wires Celldömölk-Szombathely-Zalaszentiván and Zalaszentiván-Ukk

–       night in Tapolca which has several restaurants and a small but nice lake downtown

–       tasting of locally brewed Stari beers can be arranged on request usual range is 6 to 8 types of beer


4 October 2019

Kárpát Vasút M44 (now Class 449) Tapolca – Zalahaláp – Tapolca – Keszthely – Balatonszentgyörgy – Marcali – Somogyszob – Nagyatád – Somogyszob – Kaposvár – Dombóvár alsó

MÁV M47.12/M47.13 (now Class 478) Dombóvár alsó – Godisa – Komló – Godisa 

MÁV V63 (now Class 630) Godisa – Szentlőrinc – Pécs 

– cover endangered lines Nagyatád-Somogyszob and Godisa-Komló

– cover closed (freight only) line Balatonszentgyörgy-Somogyszob

– cover Zalahaláp freight spur to flooring panels factory

– first passenger use of a Kárpát Railway M44

– use of rare V63 loco

– diesel under wires Keszthely-Balatonszentgyörgy and Somogyszob-Dombóvár-Godisa

–       night in lively, mediterranean Pécs with lots of restaurants and wine bars and a very impressive main square


5 October 2019

MÁV M62 (now Class 628) Pécs – Villány – Mohács – MOFA spur – Villány – Beremend – Villány – Pécs – Szentlőrinc – Sellye – Szentlőrinc – Dombóvár

Kárpát Vasút ex-DB Class 233 (if second loco from Germany available by that time, otherwise other suitable loco) Dombóvár – Budapest-Keleti

– cover endangered lines Villány-Mohács and Szentlőrinc-Sellye

– cover MOFA and Beremend freight spurs (including a section of closed table 62)

– use of rare M62 loco

– use of very rare ex-DB Class 233 loco (if available, see above)

– diesel under wires Pécs-Dombóvár, potentially all the way to Budapest

–       night in Budapest with many restaurants and brewpubs in the vicinity of Keleti station, including Lakomatív where trains bring out the drinks (opened in March 2019)


6 October 2019

MÁV M40 224 (now 408 224) Budapest-Keleti – Nagykáta – Újszász – Jászkisér – Vámosgyörk – Gyöngyös – Vámosgyörk

MÁV M62 (now Class 628) Vámosgyörk – Füzesabony – Miskolc – Szerencs – Hidasnémeti – Miskolc

– cover endangered lines Vámosgyörk-Gyönyös and Szerencs-Abaújszántó-Hidasnémeti

– cover unit-only line Újszász-Vámosgyörk

– depending on time available, visit Jászkisér MoW site, Gyöngyös points factory and Miskolc depot

– use of rare M40 and M62 locos

– diesel under the wires Budapest-Újszász, Vámosgyörk-Szerencs and Hidasnémeti-Miskolc

–       night in Miskolc which has several nice restaurants and beer places downtown, also winecellars on Avas hill just next to downtown


7 October 2019

MÁV M61 017 (now 618 017) Miskolc – Füzesabony – Kál-Kápolna – Kisújszállás – Szajol avoiding curve – Szentes – Hódmezővásárhely – Orosháza

MÁV M44.4 (now Class 448 400) Orosháza – Mezőhegyes – Battonya – Mezőhegyes – Makó – Újszeged

– cover endangered line Mezőhegyes-Battonya

– cover unit-only lines Kál-Kápolna to Kisújszállás, Tiszatenyő-Hódmezővásárhely, Orosháza-Mezőhegyes-Battonya and Mezőhegyes-Újszeged

– use of rare NOHAB loco (different from all that featured on PTG tours before)

– use of rare M44 loco

– diesel under the wires Miskolc to Kál-Kápolna and Kisújszállás-Tiszatenyő

– visit Szeged depot by coach if timings permit

–       PTG’s first visit to Szeged, a busy and lovely town along the banks of the Tisza river. A couple of nice restaurants and beer places are available and you can even taste a good fish goulash soup here  

Read more about “Hungary’s Most Inviting City” Szeged here:


8 October 2019

MÁV M44.4 (now Class 448 400 – same as last night) Újszeged – Makó – Hódmezővásárhely

MÁV M47.12/M47.13 Hódmezővásárhely – Orosháza – Fábiánsebestyén – Szentes – Kiskunfélegyháza 

BoBo Ltd. M44 or ex-CSD Class 753 Goggle Kiskunfélegyháza – Lakitelek – Szolnok – Budapest-Keleti

– cover endangered line Orosháza-Szentes

– cover closed line Hódmezővásárhely-Makó

– cover unit-only lines Szentes-Kiskunfélegyháza and Kiskunfélegyháza-Szolnok

– first main line use of a BoBo Ltd. loco on passenger train

– diesel under the wires Szolnok-Budapest

–       back to Budapest for your final night in Hungary


9 October 2019

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