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Last updated 25/10/2019

Hungary Vampire (Enthusiast Tour)

PTG are happy to announce that we are adding a 7th day to the Hungary Vampire tour on Monday 11 May. The main reason is to repeat two bits of track missed on our October 2019 tour, with some additional value.

Route: Budapest-Keleti – Almásfüzitő (visit to oil facility, if approved) – Győr GYSEV – Csorna – Pápa – Celldömölk avoider – Tapolca – Zalahaláp – Tapolca – Budapest

Requested motive power: 

MTMG 232 (Budapest-Csorna, different from one we had in May 2019)

M43/M47 Csorna-Zalahaláp-Tapolca

The exact route and motive power Tapolca to Budapest will depend on the state of electrification works on the Szabatbattyán – Balatonfüred section and if the line is available, as well as up to the motive power situation on the day. MÁV Nosztalgia will make the final decision on this and it may be necessary to add our carriages to a scheduled fast train.

Stock will be the same as on the first five days of the tour, however, dining services offered will depend on the number of bookings for this day. Cold snacks and drinks will surely be offered but MÁV Nosztalgia may decide to stage a full crew and kitchen with hot meals.

The price for the day is 150 GBP, reduced to 75 GBP to those who attended the first day of our October 2019 tour.

Revealed – Our 2020 Brochure – Click image to Download (35mb) in PDF format.


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