The historic city of Petra and the lively capital of Amman provide an amazing Middle Eastern cultural tour.

History is easy to find throughout Jordan, but the jewel in the crown of Jordan’s antiquities is Petra, the magnificent rock-hewn “Red Rose City”. Built during the 5th and 6th centuries BCE, Petra was once the capital of Nabataean Arabs. It is strewn with temples, monuments and tombs with intricate carvings, some of which are still buried beneath the sands. Entrance to the city is through the Siq, a narrow gorge flanked on either side by high cliffs. Al-Khazneh (the Treasury) is the most famous structure, and other must-sees include an ancient theatre and the impressive Ad-Deir Monastery which is accessible by a flight of 800 rock-cut steps.

Beyond Petra, Jordan hosts other historical sites such as the Amman Citadel and the Roman Ruins of Jerash. You will leave a tour of Jordan with a deeper appreciation for Middle Eastern culture and history with some stunning photos to document the experience.

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Rail & Cultural Journeys In Jordan


Crossing the Outback on the legendary Ghan is sure to leave you with treasured memories for years to come.

Occupying a landmass of 7.692 million km², Australia is the world’s smallest continent but when considered as an island, it’s the world’s largest. The country is so vast and diverse that going from one end to another may require some planning. Thankfully, the Ghan – the legendary passenger train between Darwin in the north and Adelaide in the south – is ready to take you through the heart of Australia.

PTG offers an epic escorted rail holiday that focuses on the Ghan, the cities along the route (Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide), as well as train journeys from Adelaide to Melbourne, Melbourne to Canberra, and Canberra to Sydney. This trip really is about discovering the best of Australia in the safe hands of our tour manager, who creates this tour in conjunction with Australian railways.

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Rail & Cultural Journeys In Australia


Israel is undoubtedly a religious epicentre, but it is also undeniably beautiful with alternating scenes of sea, desert, ancient relics and nature reserves.

Israel is home to many juxtapositions. From the holy city of Jerusalem to the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, from hiking in the mountainous Golan Heights to floating in the Dead Sea – the lowest point on earth – Israel delivers more than you may have expected. So come to explore its ancient sites, experience its diverse cultures, and truly relax when you lounge on one of its many beaches.

With PTG, visitors will get to travel on both standard rail lines and a private charter train on freight lines, meaning you will go to places that cannot be reached by commuter trains. Join us on this unique tour to explore the diversity of Israel in its food, people and geography; it will be an unforgettable train journey.

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Rail & Cultural Journeys In Israel


The gorgeous Georgia is a land of snow-capped mountains with a balmy climate, and on those verdant lower slopes, Georgians have been making wine for 8,000 years, it is little wonder that Georgia is known as the ‘cradle of wine.’

“A guest is a gift from God,” according to Georgians, and you will feel this from the friendly locals the moment you get off the plane at Tbilisi, Georgia’s intriguing capital infused with European and Asian characteristics. The country is rich in history and the lands are dotted with ancient monasteries and fortresses. One of the most stunning is the Vardzia Cave Monastery, an entire city set in sandstone cliffs.

As part of the 13-day itinerary, you will also visit the seaports of Poti and Batumi, both on the Black Sea coast. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to sip fine Georgian wine, such as Kindzmarauli, a semi-sweet red wine with rich berry tones.

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Rail & Cultural Journeys In Georgia


Previously labelled as the world’s least happy place, Moldova is sure to have the opposite effect on all those who visit this beautiful Eastern European nation today.

Tucked in-between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is remarkably picturesque, with endless country scenes, and mostly hilly terrain boasting copious viewpoints to take in the rural vistas. Ancient cave monasteries balance atop soaring cliffs and peaceful local villages overlook grasslands scattered with cows.

For five decades, this country was part of the Soviet Union, and it still features plenty of remnants from this era. The capital, Chisinau, in particular, is home to Soviet-style architecture and pre-WWII structures, amid leafy streets, pretty parks and rows of cafes. Just outside of the city, stretches of golden vineyards yielding notable labels can be found, and with PTG Tours, you will get to stop over at the famous Mileștii Mici tunnels – an underground cave network that houses the world’s biggest wine cellar. Our ‘Clear Moldova’ tour also offers a unique opportunity to travel on locomotives dating back to the Soviet period, across several freight branches and magnificent landscapes.

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Rail & Cultural Journeys In Moldova


This colossal country may run from the east to the west coast, but in-between you’ll find an incredible selection of memorable vistas, varying cultures, delicious cuisine, beautiful buildings and iconic sights.

In America, they like to do and make everything big – from the buildings to the cars to the food portions: bigger is better. And given the sheer size and scope of the country, it’s easy to see why this view prevails. With 50 states to visit, as well as the capital Washington, D.C., this country appeals to those who yearn for exploration. On the one hand, there’s bustling Downtown New York; on the other, there’s the 3,500 square miles of scenic Yellowstone National Park. Then there’s the hot and humid summer nights of Florida or the wildlife wonderland that’s Alaska.

These are just some of the contrasting experiences that can be discovered in America. While it’s impossible to see everything that this truly wondrous country offers in just one sitting, PTG Tours runs two escorted and comprehensive rail tours. As the railroads helped shape modern America during the Frontier era, it’s only fitting that we journey along them on the ‘Trains & Treasures of the Western States’ tour that sees us take in six states across 15 days. The ‘Rail & Natural Wonders of Alaska’ tour allows travellers the opportunity to see the spectacular state in all its glory.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In The USA


But the charm of Portugal goes far beyond the pleasant weather, relaxed atmosphere and plentiful beaches – it’s also home to wondrous architecture, exquisite cuisine, fine wine and welcoming people.

This is enough to attract an average of 35,000 tourists a day – a number, which is double that of 20 years ago. Yet far from being a ‘tourist trap’, this small country offers varied experiences. Lisbon, Faro and Oporto are the three major cities, and each has its own unique vibe and aesthetic to ensure that not one day in Portugal has to be the same.

With PTG Tours, every day of your trip most definitely won’t be the same. We offer six popular tours that are spread across Portugal’s fascinating landscape. The slow-paced ‘Railway Ramble – The Corgo Line’ tour sees you journey along the magical Corgo metre gauge line, while ‘Vintage Central Portugal’ takes in the sights of the Beiras region. For the wine connoisseurs, ‘The Douro: Rail, River and Wine’ and ‘Vintage Port 41’ tours are sure to impress, and those wanting to gaze at Portugal’s highlights from the waters can go on ‘A Royal Douro Cruise’ voyage across the Douro River. History and culture enthusiasts will also be highly appeased with the ‘Historic Wonders of Iberia’ tour, encompassing both Spain and Portugal.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Portugal


Despite the cold climate, the Scandinavian people’s warmth is second to none – with a fascinating culture, unique cuisine and compelling folklore serving as the bedrock of the Scandinavian experience.

While ‘Scandinavia’ is used to signify the cultural similarities of Denmark, Norway and Sweden – the three kingdoms of the region – there’re still plenty of differences, even though people classify Scandinavia as including Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. But besides the captivating sights and shared culture each has to offer, you’ll find that they’re all unique in their own way. Norway is home to the highest population of Arctic reindeer herders; Denmark is a three-time winner of the ‘Happiest Country in the World’ competition; and Sweden has the ‘Donald Duck Party’ – the country’s ninth most popular political party.

In Finland, there’re nearly 100,000 islands; the majority of Iceland’s population believe that trolls, gnomes and elves may well exist; and 48,000 people from 77 different nationalities reside on the Faroe Islands. Those are just some of the countless examples of the wild, weird and wonderful that can only be found in Scandinavia. And with PTG, you can experience some of that magic first-hand via ‘The Grand Finland Circular Rail tour’, which visits Finland and parts of Sweden or join us on the awe-inspiring ‘Rail Wonders of Norway’ tour.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Scandinavia

South Africa

South Africa is a classic safari destination, but its scenic and cultural highlights will also captivate many travellers.

South Africa has it all – this is the place where you can journey from soaring mountains to sun-baked deserts in a day, enjoy the dramatic coastlines and delicious wine in an afternoon, or see the Big Five – buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros – all within a game reserve. For railfans though, it is the vast collection of locomotives in the Sandstone Estates, along with their ever-growing collection of tractors, vintage buses, cars and military vehicles, that wins the hearts of many.

PTG offers an exclusive rail tour of South Africa that centres around the Sandstone Estates. At the end of the tour, visitors can choose to add a two-night visit to Victoria Falls, which includes a hosted tour onboard the historic tram to the Victoria Falls Bridge, and round off the trip with a three-night wildlife safari trip in the acclaimed Chobe National Park in Botswana.

Sandstone Estates, South Africa

Rail & Cultural Journeys In South Africa

Sri Lanka

The assortment of astonishing delights offered by this tropical island seem endless with wildlife such as leopard and elephants, beautifully unspoiled beaches and incredibly scenic rail trips.

The country plays host to a climate that is equally as warm and pleasant as its hospitable locals. But what many travellers revel in from their Sri Lankan experience is the abundance of remarkable wonders. Whether it’s the country’s various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the stunning nature reserves or the picturesque excursions through the island’s lush landscapes with occasional sightings of wild elephants, there are many memories to be taken away from this mesmerising country.

Join PTG as we explore the ‘Wonders of Sri Lanka by Rail’ – an unforgettable adventure, and the absolute best way to see the full breadth and depth of Sri Lanka. With public rail travel being incredibly crowded, we journey via private train, taking in the highlights of this extraordinary island, which include spice and botanic gardens, wildlife reserves, a former British colonial village, sacred temples, vibrant markets and much more.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Sri Lanka