PTG’s escorted rail tours of Argentina include private charter trains through the plains of Patagonia.

From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes in the west to the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Argentina offers something for every traveller. And for railfans who prefer to see the country at a leisurely pace, the rewards are even more immense.

PTG’s escorted rail tour of Argentina is about unearthing the hidden gems – in this case, journeying through the remote plains of Patagonia onboard the Old Patagonian Express, or La Trochita (which means ‘the little narrow-gauge’). The line, immortalised in the 1978 book of American writer Paul Theroux, is the last and longest 100% steam-operated railroad in South America. In this exclusive tour, PTG will charter a few trains that take you from San Carlos de Bariloche to Esquel, the southernmost stop of the legendary line, with an expert guide on hand to explain the history behind and take care of you.

Esquel, Argentina