PTG’s escorted rail tours of Russia is for inquisitive travellers who are after the magic of Siberia and the Yamal Peninsula.

Russia, the largest country in the world, extends from eastern Europe to northern Asia. Its terrain is vast and diverse, covering Arctic tundra, Siberian coniferous forests known as Taiga, soaring mountain ranges and wide, grassy plains. One of the best ways to experience Russia is to embark on a train journey with PTG’s escorted rail holidays.

Siberia and the Yamal Peninsula are the focus of PTG. Starting in Moscow, our tour swiftly swaps the cosmopolitan capital with a series of quiet, remote Siberian towns, including an unforgettable journey on the world’s northernmost railway to the Yamal Peninsula, an area rich in natural gas reserves. After a few days in Siberia, we’ll fly to St Petersburg and visit its many glorious attractions, including the Winter Place, the Hermitage, the Children’s Railway (both northern and southern) and the Russian Railway Museum, to name but a few.

Yamal peninsula, Russia