Appreciators of the magnificent and the impressive, the superb and the majestic, will have their expectations not only met, but also spectacularly exceeded during every one of these Grand Tours. Exclusivity is a given, and the real magic lies in the moments of unexpected splendour as you travel along the tracks of some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Inspired by stately international sights and extraordinary sceneries, these meticulously fashioned journeys allow travellers to tick off bucket-list worthy landmarks. Luxurious vintage steam locomotives, lavishly decorated and exuding a timeless elegance, will transport you through the palm-tree plantations of Colombo on “Wonders of Sri Lanka by Rail”, past the citadel of Machu Picchu on “Rail and Ancient Wonders of Peru” and over Alaska’s shimmering glaciers on “Rail and Natural Wonders of Alaska”.

Off the rails, the enchantment continues as in-depth excursions encompass the unique beauty of each destination. Guided expeditions reveal the historical and cultural significance of every city – paying particular attention to fascinating museums, alluring art galleries and imposing monuments. Additional outings are sure to indulge the senses, such a stopover and soak in rejuvenating hot springs on “Hidden Colombia by Rail”.

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