Tour Date: 8/9 Days, Postponed to May 2022Location: Hungary

On this year’s Hungary enthusiasts railtour we again visit rare lines, use unusual locomotives and travel in vintage stock provided by MÁV Nosztalgia, with on-train catering.

To avoid any long days, we have now extended the special train to be over 6 days rather than 5.


Tour Highlights

  • Private charter train with vintage carriages
  • On-train restaurant car
  • Popular locomotives
  • Border crossings
  • Some non-passenger lines
  • Good hotels
  • Four nights in Debrecen
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Prices & Options
  • Booking
  • Gallery
  • Transport & Accommodation

Day 1 Monday 2 August, 2021

Lots of direct flights to choose from. Heathrow (14:50), London City (09:30 or 19:30), Gatwick (11:00 or 16:05), Stansted (11:45 or 18:00), Luton (10:50 or 15:25), Birmingham (16:15), Manchester (09:00), Edinburgh (15:25) to Budapest, Hungary’s capital city alongside along the Blue Danube. Treat yourself to an all you can eat meal and music on board a riverboat or ride the elaborate tram network in town.

Day 2 (B) Tuesday 3 August

After breakfast, we have coach transfer to Kőbánya-teher to join our special trains. Our route is Kőbánya-teher – Csömör – Gödöllő – Hatvan – Kisterenye – Kál-Kápolna – Füzesabony – Eger. One of the highlights today is travel on the closed Kisterenye – Kál-Kápolna line we also hope to use two private rail operator locos, diesel haulage on normally electric lines, and night in one of Hungary’s best known wine regions with lots of wine cellars.

MÁV-HÉV M44Kőbánya-teher – Csömör – Gödöllő (in MÁV-HÉV heritage carriages)
MÁV Nosztalgia M40 219 Gödöllő – Kisterenye
Kárpát 439 015 (modernised M43) Kisterenye – Kál-Kápolna – Eger

Day 3 (B) Wednesday 4 August

Today’s route is Eger – Füzesabony – Miskolc – Nyíregyháza – Nagykálló – Nyíradony – Debrecen – Nagykereki – Debrecen; travelling on the closed Nagykálló – Nyíradony line and the unit only Debrecen – Nagykereki line; travelling diesel hauled under the wires Eger – Füzesabony – Nyíregyháza; a night in Hungary’s second largest city.

Akiem BB 36000 Eger – Nyíregyháza
Private M32 Nyíregyháza – Nagykálló – Nyíradony – Debrecen
MÁV-Start M44 Debrecen – Nagykereki – Debrecen

Day 4 (B) Thursday 5 August

Route: Debrecen – Létavértes – Debrecen – Tiszalök – Nyíregyháza –Vásárosnamény – Záhony – Debrecen. Highlights: use of diesel locomotives normally working freights only; travelling on the closed Sáránd–Létavértes line; hauled train on unit only lines (Tiszalök – Görögszállás, Nyíregyháza – Vásárosnamény); use of rare 6-axle electric locomotive; another night in Hungary’s second largest city.

MÁV-Start 448 + BoBo M44 locos Debrecen – Létavértes – Debrecen
Kárpát M44 Debrecen – Tiszalök – Nyíregyháza – Vásárosnamény
MÁV-Start 408.300 (M40.3) Vásárosnamény – Záhony
MÁV-Start 630 (V63) Záhony – Debrecen

Day 5 (B) Friday 6 August

The route will be: Debrecen – Tuzsér – Eperjeske yards – Komoró – Vásárosnamény – Mátészalka – Csenger – Mátészalka – Carei – Debrecen. Highlights: use of rare Class M62 diesel locomotive; first use of Class M41 on PTG Tours trip; hauled train on unit only lines (Mátészalka – Csenger, Mátészalka – Carei); use of standard-gauge freight-only lines in the Záhony trans-shipment area; interlaced track Tuzsér – Eperjeske-rendező (used broad-gauge here in 2017; Eperjeske-rendező – Komoró (used broad-gauge here in 2017); passing through two border crossings between Hungary and Romania; a third night in Hungary’s second-largest city.

MÁV-Start 628 (M62) Debrecen – Tuzsér – Eperjeske-rendező
MÁV-Start 408.300 (M40.3) Eperjeske-rendező – Mátészalka
MÁV-Start 418 (M41) Mátészalka – Csenger – Carei
CFR 80 *Carei – Nyírábrány
MÁV-Start 418 (M41) same as above – Nyírábrány – Debrecen
* or other suitable locomotive

Day 6 (B) Saturday 7 August

Route: Debrecen – Valea lui Mihai – Săcueni – Șărmășag – Jibou – Cluj-Napoca – Oradea. Highlights: use of rare private diesel locomotive in Hungary; use of Sulzer and General Motors powered locos in Romania; visiting a region not before visited by PTG Tours; use of unit-only line Săcueni – Șărmășag; beautiful scenery in the Mures valley (Cluj-Napoca to Oradea); Night in Oradea in Romania.

FoxRail 060-DA type Sulzer diesel loco Debrecen – Nyírábrány
CFR 60 (requested) Nyírábrány – Șărmășag
CFR 65modernised Class 60 (requested) Șărmășag – Jibou – Cluj-Napoca
CFR 62 (requested) Cluj-Napoca – Oradea

In Romania, Romanian railways may opt to provide a different type of locomotive, based on availability.

Day 7 (B) Sunday 8 August

Route: Oradea – Salonta – Kötegyán – Vésztő – Szeghalom – Pöspökladány – Szeghalom – Gyoma –Szolnok – Budapest-Keleti with a visit to Ferencváros depot (to be confirmed). Highlights: use of Sulzer powered locomotive in Romania; passing through the border between Romania and Hungary; use of rare/preserved locomotives in Hungary; hauled train on unit-only lines (Salonta – Püspökladány and Szeghalom – Gyoma)visit to Ferencváros depot (to be confirmed); night in Hungary’s capital. This is the end of the main tour. There is the option of adding an extra day (see below).

CFR 60/62 (requested) Oradea – Salonta
MÁV-Start 478 (modernised M47) Salonta – Püspökladány – Gyoma
Komplex Rail ex-NSB Di3 629 or MÁV 618 017 (M61 017) Gyoma – Ferencváros
MÁV Nosztalgia V42 527 Ferencváros – Budapest-Keleti

In Romania, Romanian railways may opt to provide a different type of locomotive, based on availability.

Day 8 (B) Monday 9 August

Fly home today or stay on for the additional day. This day has been added to cover some lines missed on our October 2019 trip.

Route: Budapest-Keleti – Csorna – Pápa – Tapolca – Zalahaláp freight spur – Tapolca – Budapest. Highlights: use of ex-DB Ludmilla; covering unit only and freight branches; visit to the Almásfüzitő MOL freight spur (to be confirmed); final night in Hungary’s capital. This day is designed to cover two lines missed on our October 2019 tour with a special, discounted pricing.

MTMG 648 101 (ex-DB 232 055) Budapest-Keleti – Csorna
MÁV-Start 438.200 or 478 (modernised M43/M47) Csorna – Pápa – Tapolca – Zalahaláp – Tapolca
Available loco Tapolca – Budapest*

*exact route to be decided by MÁV Nosztalgia

Day 9 (B) Tuesday 10 August

Road transfers to the airport for those returning to the UK.Heathrow (17:20), London City (17:15), Gatwick (15:05), Stansted (18:20), Luton (18:15), Birmingham (21:00), Manchester (10:30), Edinburgh (13:00)

Place(s) available

Holiday Prices (per person) – based on a minimum of 60 participants

  • Flight price confirmed at time of booking: allow £140-£250 including luggage
  • Special trains only: £1,675 for the full six days (3-8 August) or £290 for individual days
  • £150 for 9 August train, or £75 if you were booked on the October 2019 tour
  • 7-night hotel and transfer package: £295 (twin/double), £410 (single)
  • extra night in hotel on 9 August: £37 (twin/double), £62 (single)


  • £500 with flights included
  • £300 if joining in Budapest

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